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Music is Change: About Gracias Choir


Award-winning Gracias Choir has advanced the choral music landscape for the past 15+ years. And with their recent First Prize win at the most prestigious choir music competition in the world, Gracias Choir is officially the best choral music group in the world.  Gracias Choir music is inspired by the love and thankfulness toward God that each member embraces. Gracias has the unique ability to touch the hearts of its audiences and change lives in the process. One bold musical color created through self-sacrifice; harmonious sounds birthed from the essence of the soul and forged into transformative music. This is what defines Gracias Choir.

A Commitment to Excellence

Awards & Achievements


  • First Prize and Romantic Choral Work Prize at the 2015 International Choral Competition Marktoberdorf, Germany

  • Grand Prize, and Grand Prizes in Mixed Chorus and Sacred Music at the 2014 Concorso Corale Internazionale Riva del Garda, Italy

  • First Prize at the 2014 Montreux Choral Festival, Switzerland

  • Grand Prize: Mixed Chorus, Silver Prize in Women’s Chorus, and Excellent Conductor Award at the 2010 Busan International Choir Competition, Korea

  • Grand Prize at the 2009 Jeju International Choir Competition, Korea

  • Plaques of Appreciation from New Orleans Local Council in 2011 and the Office of the Mayor of Delmar, Haiti in 2012 for goodwill concerts performed in those cities


A Commitment to the Audience


Gracias Choir boasts a broad and diverse repertoire of classic pieces, pop songs, folk music, and several foreign language sets. Gracias Choir lives for its audiences, making it a point to sign in the language of the country hosting them. This devotion and detail has won audiences over, no matter where they are.  


In addition, the IYF Artist Concert presents a feast of high-class classical music. There is a deep and mysterious world of music flowing in the hearts of world-class musicians. The IYF Artist Concert deliver music to young adults and invites them into that same beautiful world. Gracias Choir has hosted and performed this special event in over 30 countries and receives overwhelming support both on a local and national level.

A Commitment to Education


The Gracias Choir approach to music is a combination of emphasis of rich sound and precise technique, the search for core emotions within music, discovery of the heart of the composer, and the deep consideration of what the original audience might have felt from the piece.  


Gracias Choir also engages in Master Classes and individual lessons from famed Russian music artists and tenured professors of St. Petersburg Conservatory.  


Gracias Choir, in turn, teaches and inspires young people nurturing the dream of becoming musicians.

A Commitment to Outreach


One of many examples of Gracias Choir outreach was the World Peace Festival at Kenya Moi International Stadium in 2008 where they attended on a special invitation and touched the hearts of the countless Kenyans.  


Wherever Gracias Choir goes, whether it’s in front of 30,000 people in Korea or 5 passers-by in Haiti, Gracias Choir strives to reach and touch people who may not have access to live classical music. A commitment to outreach allows Gracias Choir to inspire and be inspired in return.

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