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What is the Gracias Christmas Cantata?

The Gracias Christmas Cantata is a live production that allows the audience to discover the meaning of Christmas. The show is divided into three acts: nativity, musical, and chorale concert. The message of family, love, and sacrifice is conveyed throughout the show. In the last act, the audience is also welcome to sing along while the choir perform a concert of classic holiday songs. 

How long is the show?

2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission

Is there an age limit?

Yes, children under the age of 5 are not permitted. 

Where can I get a ticket?

Online, from this website, is the fastest and easiest way to get a ticket. 

Do I need an ID to enter?

No, ID is not necessary. Only a ticket is required.

What time should I arrive for the show?

Doors for the Gracias Christmas Cantata open one hour prior to the performance start time. Plan to arrive early, so there is enough time to get through security, explore the venue, find your seats and get settled for the show. 

Is there a dress code for the event?

There is no formal dress code. We do ask, however, that you use your best personal judgement when dressing for the Gracias Christmas Cantata. 

Can I take photos or videos during the show?

Taking photographs or videos is not permitted during the performance. For the safety of the performers and as a courtesy to your fellow patrons, we ask that guests please silence and put away all cell phones for the duration of the show, and refrain from using their phone or texting during the performance. 

Will merchandise be available for purchase?

Merchandise is available onsite. We offer cashless options for merchandise transactions.

Can i bring in outside food or beverage?

Outside food and beverage are not permitted inside. Accessible water fountains are located throughout the venue. 

Are there COVID-19 Testing, Vaccination or Mask Requirements?

No. Currently, there are no COVID-19 testing, vaccination, or mask requirements.

Gracias Christmas Cantata will adhere to any published federal, state and local health and safety guidelines, requirements and restrictions at the time of the event. We reserve the right to update our COVID-19 policies and requirements at any time, based on those guidelines, requirements, and restrictions.

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